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Zpey Salt Minitip™️ - Single Hand

kr 600,00

The ultimate line for seatrout fishing on the coast - Period!


Zpey Salt Minitip features:

- Intermediate/ hover in the front without feeling heavy

- Easy to cast in windy conditions

- Effective when fishing your fly fast

- Can cast even larger sandeel imitation flies

- Comes with microloops


We have developed a shootinghead for the coast that can cast smoothly in demanding weather and cut through waves to provide maximum line control and contact with the fly at all times.
This way, you can cast and fish in rough conditions which big seatrout love!

Furthermore it is a long casting line, so you will be able to reach seatrout that you spot on a distance.


Available for the most common rods for coastal seatrout fishing:

- #6 - 14 gram

- #7 - 16 gram

- #8 - 18 gram

- #9 - 20 gram



Zpey Salt Minitip™️ - Single Hand

Zpey Salt Minitip™️ - Single Hand

kr 600,00